Education in Bulgaria

While applying to a university in Bulgaria, a foreign student finds it difficult to understand what to begin the procedure with, because a detailed plan for application to higher education institutions in Bulgaria is missing.

Each university has its own special requirements to school graduates. In this section the Migration Centre will help you understand what to start with. We have provided assistance with the application to universities in Bulgaria for many years. If you have selected a specific university in Bulgaria, we can establish communication with Students’ Department together with you.

If you are still choosing a university for a specific specialization, we have up-to-date information on the quality of education in universities and rating of higher education institutions. That is why we are able to precisely co-ordinate you in the choice of a university.

A program for reduction of the prices of our services for English– speaking students, who have chosen Bulgaria for the continuation of their education, has also been implemented.

In recent years there has been a considerable growth in the number of school and university students in Bulgarian (higher) education institutions from Russian – speaking states. A large number of students from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan successfully study in higher education institutions in Bulgaria, develop their own research, participate in programs for trainees, take an active part in cultural and sports events.

Those, who have decided to apply to a higher education institution in Bulgaria, have to undergo the procedure of selection, in which candidates must provide a package of documents and fill in the required forms. The university will review the application and issue acknowledgement documents after that.

Subsequently CR in Bulgaria status must be received as a student in a Bulgarian university. As a rule foreign students take preparatory courses in Bulgarian language.

Diplomas, issued by Bulgarian institutions, are recognized in all states of the European Union.

There are several degrees of higher education in Bulgaria:

  • Professional Bachelor (period of study 3 years)
  • Bachelor (period of study 4 years)
  • Master (1 – 2 years depending on specialty and curriculum of the higher education institution)
  • Doctor (on an individual study plan)