Registration of a Bulgarian company

The majority of holders of continuous residence status in Bulgaria are faced with the question of registration of a legal entity in Bulgaria, i.e. of registering a company in Bulgaria. This may take place for several reasons, either when it comes to the purchase of a plot of land or buying a car (for the procedure of registering a car in Bulgaria, please read here) or if intending to set up a business in Bulgaria.

Please note that the registration of a company in Bulgaria does not require CR or PR status in Bulgaria, any foreign citizen can register a company.

There are several types of companies, varying by the internal policy and the number of founding members, e.g.:

  • EOOD – Ltd – (One-person) limited liability company
  • OOD – Ltd – limited liability company
  • ET – SP – sole proprietor – an individual entrepreneur (IE)
  • AD – JSC – joint – stock company – a joint – stock company

Migration Office in Burgas provides services of registration of a legal person in Bulgaria and subsequent service of your company (submission of statements, zero balance, etc.)

Cost of registration of a legal person in Bulgaria

  • EOOD – from 610 €
  • OOD – from 610 €

To find a company in Bulgaria with our help, it is necessary to provide copies of passports and think of a unique name (preferably several options), thereafter we will take the necessary steps to register your company. You will also need an address for the registration of the company. Period of registration – only one week! If you do not have an address for the registration of the company, we can provide it for you, cost of providing a legal address – 50 €.