Accounting services

If you have been confronted by questions on purchase of real estate, land or a car in Bulgaria, or have decided to start your own business, then you won’t make it without the assistance of a qualified accountant.

Timely and literate accounting is a very important issue, which the whole English– speaking community in Bulgaria is faced by. Its solution would better be trusted to professionals in the field of accounting because any delay in the submission of documents in front of authorities or their wrong representation might lead to financial loss because of the high fines, established by Bulgarian legislation.

Migration Centre in Burgas will help you with the selection of a qualified accountant. Our accountants have been verified by many satisfied customers.

Migration Centre in Burgas offers the following services:

  • Submission of zero balance of your company
  • Submission of monthly reporting of the company (without VAT)
  • Submission of monthly reporting of the company (with VAT)
  • Opening of deposit, current and other accounts in banks in Bulgaria
  • Collection of statements and certificates from banks and government authorities

Please contact us on the issues of prices and services!